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JERSEY CRUSHER is a lump crushing company that serves the US from its headquarters in Wayne, New Jersey.

Industry-Leading Lump Crusher Equipment Company Located in Wayne, NJ

For over four decades, JERSEY CRUSHER, headquartered in Wayne, NJ, has been a leading manufacturer of lump crushers. We provide a range of products designed to break up items from various industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, spice, mineral, sugars, drug, grain, food, foundries, and other commodities that tend to lump or agglomerate in storage or from the production process.

Our exclusive LUMPBUSTERS® are designed for breaking up friable substances which do not require heavy pounding of hammers, balls, or pin mills. Size reduction screens or breaker bars are integrated into our design to size processed products to our customers’ specifications. Screens can be sized with hole diameters ranging from ⅛” to 2”, with additional customizable options also available.

As a lump crusher manufacturer headquartered in Wayne, NJ, our business is built on providing your company with efficient and effective crushing methods saving you time and money in the process. We provide proven solutions for all types of commodities, including materials that are abrasive, products requiring sanitary handling, and bottle crushing machines designed to handle the needs of the recycling industry.

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Whether you are a top-of-the-line processing company or a small manufacturing company just starting out, JERSEY CRUSHER, a leading lump crusher manufacturer in Wayne, NJ, can help increase your profits and reduce costs in a number of ways. Our particle size reduction equipment, made exclusively in Wayne, NJ, can be shipped directly to your location. We ship across the country to states including New York, Illinois, California, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Florida, and Texas.

By incorporating lump crusher equipment from our company in Wayne, NJ, your business will be able to increase system productivity and flow rate while also decreasing downtime and improving profitability. Our size-reduction equipment is an excellent tool for corporations across varying industries. As a premier bottle crushing company and chemical crusher company located in Wayne, NJ, our engineers design our machinery to cater to a multitude of applications helping manufacturers overcome key issues in their processing systems.

Lower Construction Costs & Inefficiencies With JERSEY CRUSHER's Crushing Equipment

With decades of experience as a lump crusher equipment company in Wayne, NJ, JERSEY CRUSHER has worked at perfecting its technology and has consistently strived for high-quality manufacturing. Our equipment is fully mobile and can be moved to different locations at your plant or a construction site. This facilitates on-site recycling, allowing you to avoid disposal and transportation costs simultaneously.

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Our experience as a lump breaker company operating in Wayne, NJ, has enabled us to build machinery capable of crushing both large and small aggregate volumes. If needed, our staff can provide technical guidance on implementing our size reduction equipment into your system processes. We’re firmly focused on providing our customers with solutions that work for their specific industry. In addition to providing technical expertise, our crushing company, based in Wayne, NJ, also accepts product samples customers ship to us in order to design custom solutions for your field of work.

As a highly-rated lump crusher manufacturer in Wayne, NJ, JERSEY CRUSHER can evaluate sample products to determine a system or machine that best meets your construction needs. Given our equipment’s unparalleled track record for durability and reliability, your business will benefit from implementing our particle size reduction equipment made in Wayne, NJ, into your processes, ensuring maximum profitability. Our products are available to ship nationally and are currently used in states like Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, New York, and elsewhere. Don’t settle for less when it comes to acquiring high-quality crushing equipment for your industry. Trust the leading crushing company in Wayne, NJ, with your production needs.

Our crushing equipment is regarded as top-of-the-line in our field. Machinery is available in 316 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, carbon steel, and other abrasion-resistant materials. As a bottle-crushing and chemical crusher company in Wayne, NJ, we also specialize in machinery designed explicitly for those industries, ensuring product size reduction meets the requirements of your business. As a lump crusher manufacturer based in Wayne, NJ, we strive to design and manufacture customizable solutions that can be used in countless applications, which also include the food and pharmaceutical fields.

Improve Internal Processes and Increase Productivity With a Leading Crusher Manufacturer based in Wayne, NJ

JERSEY CRUSHER is setting the standard as a lump breaker company in Wayne, NJ, providing real solutions to product processing. Our team of designers is constantly updating equipment configurations to provide your company with the best particle size reduction equipment. In Wayne, NJ, our company offers turnkey solutions for businesses looking to improve profitability by utilizing state-of-the-art crushing technology.

Working in tandem with the construction industry, our team understands the complexities involved in product removal and disposal. Yet, by implementing our crushing equipment, you can speed up the recycling process, allowing for fast implementation of resources to different applications. As the pace of varied industries continues to accelerate, conventional crushing equipment can no longer satisfy their demands, lowering production speeds and bogging down the equipment with caked-up pieces or lumps of material.

JERSEY CRUSHER, the leading lump crusher manufacturer in Wayne, NJ, provides modern solutions for the modern era to customers nationwide. Equipped with skilled engineers driven towards excellence in their field, our team can help your business find the options it needs to sustain itself and reduce costs.

Whether you’re in greenfield development, supplemental crushing, developmental crushing, or the elimination of any resource burden, our LUMPBUSTERS® and other products can offer high-quality, easy-to-implement solutions for your crushing requirements. Our products are manufactured in Wayne, NJ, and spare parts are always made available. Contact JERSEY CRUSHER today and let us help your business eliminate internal redundancies and increase profit margins with our high-quality crushing equipment solutions.

The Versatility of Our Particle Size Reduction Equipment Makes Them Perfect for Any Operation

JERSEY CRUSHER is a leading provider of particle size reduction equipment, offering a versatile range of products designed to meet various material types and industries. From chemical and fertilizing sectors to food, mineral, pharmaceutical, processing, spice, and sugar industries, our high-performance machinery serves a diverse clientele with differing requirements.

Our robust Lump Busters® and Lump Abradors are invaluable for chemical industry operators. They help break down agglomerates into manageable sizes without generating excessive dust, ensuring a uniform and controlled particle size that aids in consistent chemical reactions and enhances the efficiency of downstream processes.

Operating in the fertilizing industry? JERSEY CRUSHER's equipment helps create uniform particles that ensure even distribution of nutrients when applied to the soil. Our particle-izers are incredibly effective at creating fine, evenly sized particles, which improves the absorption rate of the fertilizer, boosts crop yields, and enhances agricultural productivity.

Our machines play a pivotal role in producing consistent textures and flavors for the foods we eat. This also applies to the mineral and pharmaceutical industries, which benefit from our size-reduction equipment. In mineral processing, our machines aid in the extraction of valuable minerals from ores, while in the pharmaceutical sector, they ensure the consistency of active ingredients in medicines, thus aiding in precise dosage control.

In addition, we also serve the processing, spice, and raw sugar industries with our fantastic suite of intricate screw conveyors, which handle deliberately compacted materials with efficiency and effectiveness like one other. For more information on how our products may supply your industry needs, contact JERSEY CRUSHER today.

Explore the Features of Our Lump Breaker Machines and Other Equipment

JERSEY CRUSHER offers an impressive range of industrial machinery, including Lump Busters®, Lump Abradors, Particle-izers, Screw Conveyors, Feeders & Systems, and more.

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One of the key standard features of these machines is their construction. The carbon steel units are painted with blue enamel for durability, while food-grade white epoxy and high-temperature inorganic carbon/zinc primer are optional interior finishes. For those seeking a more premium finish, standard stainless steel units are supplied with a mill finish, with only the contact parts considered. These units also boast baseplates and guards in stainless steel.

Another notable feature is the inclusion of air purge shaft seals in all units, which ensures the longevity and efficiency of the machine. Additionally, particle crushers come equipped with a 230/460/3/60 TEFC 1800 rpm motor with a belt or direct drives with gear reduction for severe applications.

Dual rotor crushers require a breaker bar or screen to ensure optimal operation. We also offer optional infeed hoppers with safety baffles and support stands for convenience. On powder applications, venting and/or dust collection should be considered, indicating our attention to detail and commitment to safety.

Partner With Our Lump Crusher Equipment Company in Wayne, NJ, for Premium Lump Breakers

We invite you to experience the difference JERSEY CRUSHER products can make. Let our state-of-the-art lump crushers help you streamline processes, reduce waste, and increase profitability and product quality. Welcome to the future of particle size reduction. Welcome to JERSEY CRUSHER.